Welcome to the Tuscaloosa Chapter of YWTF!

YWTF is a movement by and for younger women to fight for social justice. Together we form a diverse and inclusive group of activists, organizers, allies, and professionals that is both local and nationwide. But we’re also a community founded on the belief that we can work within and beyond the women’s movement to change the things we care about.

Our Issues:


Fair pay for women


Work-life balance


Equal access to education


Stop violence against women


Professional mentorship


Our Relationship with AAUW:
In 2013, YWTF found a new home with AAUW, and we now operate as an affiliated entity of the organization. That means that if you’re a member of YWTF, you’re also a member of AAUW, which is awesome since AAUW’s been a community empowering women for 124 years longer than we have and provides a huge group of allies and advocates of all ages to help us with our work.